2021 is the year for big ideas and changes.

Everyone hopes that by 2021 the COVID-19 crisis will be alleviated, and everything will be back to normal. Although we must be optimistic, the global recovery process will be a bit longer, and even when 2020 was a difficult year, in 2021 we must start looking for different ways to get down to work.

In today’s article, we will share with you some big ideas taken from Linkedin and, of course, some tips from Hispanic Factor for a better 2021.

LinkedIn shared some big ideas for 2021

You must fight to get your power back, or your workers

After a year of working from home and having low energy due to pandemic social stress, companies will have to look for strategies and reasons to keep their employees motivated and working at 100%. We must start thinking about the human connection between colleagues and company; it is not just something physical, but to offer comfort and a good atmosphere to those who are there.

New offices, new ways of working, motivational talks, everything that keeps you and the workers happy to give all of themselves.

Technology is on its way

The use of virtual and augmented reality for training and collaboration within enterprises, and better customer service, will increase.

By 2021, the focus is on the evolving labor market, and the rise of VR and AR will help companies solve their needs. The most innovative companies already realize the return on their investment in VR and AR, not only in training, but also in new ways to engage customers and the public.

Character will be a leader’s best friend

While the goal is to overcome a global pandemic and an economic recession, leaders will need to start working hard and maintain their character. In 2021, servant leadership will be a competitive advantage.

Every worker right now is looking for confidence and security in their job; with so many job losses and job instability, leaders will need to work hard when hiring to motivate and retain talented people.

It is important to remember that people are not a company’s most important resource; they are the company. If you have a business, your duty is to keep your workers and their positions safe, be flexible with schedules. We are still in a pandemic, and going out to work day to day can be difficult for some people. Opportunities for growth and advancement must be created.

Racial equity will be mandatory

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, companies in the United States and other countries pledged to eliminate systemic racism from their organizations. The demand for total abolition of racism is fully placed on customers and workers; diversity and inclusion initiatives must be undertaken.

Work no longer belongs only in the office

The year 2020 was a test for telecommuting, which was successfully achieved. A home office provides a different lifestyle and many companies have realized that it’s not about where their people are, it’s about them being connected and informed.

A large percentage of companies are starting to consider implementing telecommuting and striking a balance with working in the office. There are advantages to this, as companies are investing in virtual tools and formats that not only help workers, but also generate great advances for companies. More telework means more opportunities.

The pandemic brought and will sustain a great wave of entrepreneurship

The Great Recession of the past decade unleashed a wave of entrepreneurship. High unemployment and the need to generate income drove millions of people to pursue and realize their business ideas rather than rely on a job market.

While the pandemic has greatly affected the economy and the labor arena, it also brought with it an entrepreneurial renaissance. People will start and continue to create their own businesses, which, although this has always existed, this time it’s happening on a large scale and on a daily basis.

Many people have moved from being employees to being entrepreneurs. From restaurants, clothing sales, language classes, virtual teachers, and so many new businesses, not only physical but online, have skyrocketed.

These are just some of the big ideas that have been making their presence felt in the new year, but every day the world is looking for new strategies and innovations that can improve our personal and working lives. After a long and difficult year of pandemic, now our goal should be to seek to improve, work, and move towards the future.

LinkedIn presented a compilation of big ideas from renowned professionals within the platform.

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