What Is a Green Economy, and How Does It Help the Environment?

Embracing a green economy can help the environment. Our society is becoming more aware that global warming and climate change have significant short and long-term consequences. For that reason, many companies are beginning to bet on a green economy, a concept that, although it has only been in use for a short time, looks set […]

Getting Health Insurance Is Slightly Different for Women

Health insurance can work differently for women. In health care, there is a concerning pattern: in the private system women tend to pay higher premiums than men and have lower coverage. Among the insurers’ arguments to justify the higher premiums charged is women’s greater need for health insurance. Money is also a driving factor when […]

Are Female Executives a Better Choice for Companies?

Female executives can offer new perspectives to companies. For companies, having female executives seems to attract and retain talented professionals at all levels and lead to improvements in creativity and innovation. According to an analysis from the International Labor Organization (ILO) based on surveys of 13,000 companies in 70 countries, three out of four companies […]

Small Investments Can Have a Big Impact on Women

Investing in women can transform the world. UN Women says investing in women is good business, but having access to capital remains a barrier for many of them. According to the IFC, only 7% of private equity and venture capital is invested in women-led businesses. That lack of funding not only limits women’s advancement but […]

Here Are Some Big Ideas That Could Change 2021 for the Better

2021 is the year for big ideas and changes. Everyone hopes that by 2021 the COVID-19 crisis will be alleviated, and everything will be back to normal. Although we must be optimistic, the global recovery process will be a bit longer, and even when 2020 was a difficult year, in 2021 we must start looking […]

What Can We Expect About Student Debt From the Biden Administration?

Student debt is the main concern for many in the USA. Student debt is the second leading cause of indebtedness for U.S. families, only behind mortgages, and it is one of our society’s most pressing concerns. In today’s article, we tell you what the Biden administration plans to do to tackle the situation. There’s hope […]

What Are the Consequences of Credit Card Debts for Young People?

Young people are facing a complicated situation with credit card debts. For better or worse, consumerism is part of our society, and so are credit card debts. While this type of debt can be a financial burden for anyone, it can have a terrible impact on young people. That is why we want to talk […]

Learn the Medicare Costs in 2021

With a new year comes new Medicare costs and deductibles. Medicare is a social security coverage program administered by the U.S. government, which provides medical care to citizens over 65 years of age, people who are considered disabled due to health problems such as cancer, and people with kidney failure in need of dialysis. In […]

Are You Planning for Retirement in 2021? Here Are Some Tips!

Are You Planning for Retirement in 2021? Here Are Some Tips! Active working life has an end. After reaching that point, people should rest and enjoy their lives to the fullest in the company of their loved ones. That is the point of retirement. That is why it is vital to start saving enough money […]

These Are the Federal Income Tax Deadlines of This Year

Check out the dates on which you have to pay your taxes from last year. Taxes are mandatory payments we must make to the State according to the amount and form dictated by law. They are used to finance education, healthcare, the provision of justice and security, the fight against poverty, and the promotion of […]