Saving money during winter is not impossible.

Winter may be a tough season, but It’s possible to save money

Home bills usually increase in the winter season. Heating and lighting in times of cold weather and less sunlight inevitably increase expenses.

But there are ways to save some money on domestic bills during winter. Here are some useful tips!

Tips to save money during winter

  • The recommended temperature in your home during these months should not be above 20º, not only for financial issues but also for your health. If it is warm inside, the contrast with the outside temperature will affect us when we come out. That is why it is important to keep the heating controlled. There are ways to do this without having to face the cold. For example, closing blinds and windows when night falls.


  • Another usual expense is ordering food from home. Going out in the low temperatures can be very inconvenient, so the point is not about never resorting to food delivery, but not to fall into the temptation of spending money every single night. We recommend going to the supermarket at least once a week to get everything you need at home.


  • Try to keep a constant temperature that does not exceed 22ºC because that is the most efficient. One between 15º and 17º C is enough to be comfortable at night.


  • A good idea might be installing a thermostat to regulate the air conditioning of your home. You can save between 8% and 13% of energy by using thermostatic valves or programmable thermostats on the radiators.


  • Do not cover the radiators. The ideal location for them is under the windows because the filtered air helps to distribute the heat.


  • Use blinds. Raise them during the day to let in sunlight and warm your home naturally. At night, lower them so they can trap some of the remaining heat. Reinforcing the insulation can be of great help during winter. 40% of the leaks are caused by unprotected windows.


  • Turn off the tv/computer screens. Turning them off instead of leaving them on standby can significantly increase our winter savings.


We hope you can save some money during this winter season just by following these simple tips.


Paying home bills during winter can be a big challenge.

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