These apps are dominating the contactless payment system.

In the last article, we talked about the contactless payment apps that are currently on the market, and we named Google Pay, Paypal, and Venmo.

You can read more on those contactless payment apps here:

Today we want to focus on Paypal and Venmo to highlight their advantages and determine if one payment app is better than the other.

Get familiar with these payment apps

Since December of 2013, Venmo has been owned by PayPal, and technically all money transfers on both services are handled by PayPal Inc. Both are digital wallets that can transfer funds from one user’s bank account to others.

  • Creating a profile is free in both apps, and they can be linked to our bank accounts.
  • They offer physical cards. PayPal offers credit, debit, and prepaid cards, and Venmo offers a linked Mastercard debit card.
  • Android and iOS devices support both payment apps.

Differences between Paypal and Venmo:

  • Venmo is limited to the United States, and international payments are not possible. Only U.S. bank accounts can be linked to the service. 
  • PayPal supports over 200 countries and 25 currencies.
  • PayPal specializes in money transfers for both businesses and individuals. Venmo’s purpose is to transfer funds between friends and trusted individuals to split cab rides, meal tickets, and other similar small payments.
  • Fraud protection: since Venmo is intended to be used only with those you already trust, it offers no buyer or seller protection. PayPal, on the other hand, protects all users against fraudulent practices.

Venmo vs. Paypal: Do we have a winner?

Then what is the best payment app? If you live in the US and only want to make simple money transfers, Venmo is an excellent option. PayPal is ideal for online buyers since it offers advanced protection for both buyers and sellers.


  • Split bills with friends.
  • Paying roommates for rent.
  • Sharing payments socially.


  • Buying and selling online.
  • Send money abroad.
  • Transfer of large payments.

So there is no real winner. The option you choose depends solely on your location, preferences, and needs.

Discover which one is the best payment app!

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